Charlie and Matt: Capturing Love and Laughter

Choosing Stennack Farm

In our search for the perfect wedding venue, Stennack Farm immediately caught our attention. Our decision to choose it was primarily influenced by Caroline, the owner, and her infectious energy. She went the extra mile to help us even though the venue was not yet complete. Despite this, we could envision the day and the venue as Caroline presented.

When the venue was complete, it exceeded all of our expectations. Caroline’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry proved invaluable, as she provided excellent recommendations for local caterers and support teams, saving us significant time and effort in the planning process. The location of Stennack Farm was ideal, as it allowed our friends and family to easily access the venue from nearby St Ives and Penzance, while also providing ample parking.

The personal touch and details that Caroline added on our wedding day, including a last minute outside wedding set up, further solidified our belief that we had made the right choice in selecting Stennack Farm as our wedding venue.

Thomas Frost Photography

Capturing Love and Laughter: The Story Behind Choosing Our Wedding Photographer

When it comes to wedding photography, finding the right person to capture your special day is crucial. The images they create will be cherished for years to come, serving as a beautiful reminder of the love, joy, and laughter shared with friends and family. For our wedding, we were fortunate enough to find the perfect photographer in Thomas Frost Photography.

Our journey to finding Tom began with a recommendation from a member of the family. Intrigued, we decided to explore his work and were immediately impressed by his stunning website, which showcased his attention to detail and expertise in capturing the essence of Cornwall’s breath-taking scenery. Tom’s portfolio demonstrated a particular knack for beach photography, which was a significant factor in our decision, as we wanted our photos to embrace the beauty of our coastal setting.

Thomas Frost Photography

From the moment we first spoke with Tom, we knew he was the right fit for our wedding. His warm, funny, and kind personality immediately put us at ease, and it was evident that he was genuinely interested in getting to know us and understand our vision for our wedding photography. This personal connection allowed Tom to create a beautiful visual narrative that truly captured the story of our day.

In addition to his exceptional photography skills, Tom’s professionalism and creativity shone through in the form of a top-class wedding video. His use of drone technology allowed us to incorporate breath-taking aerial shots, including a memorable scene of us dancing on the beach. This unique touch added an extra layer of magic to our memories.


On the day of our wedding, Tom’s presence was a welcome addition to the festivities. He arrived two hours before the ceremony to capture the preparations and stayed throughout the event, documenting the venue, ceremony, post-wedding celebrations, wedding breakfast, and our first dance. He even captured the enchanting moment when we lit handheld sparklers, late in the evening.

Thomas Frost PhotographyThomas Frost Photography

Tom’s dedication to his craft, combined with his ability to connect with his clients on a personal level, made our wedding photography experience unforgettable. He went above and beyond, even driving us to a nearby lighthouse to capture perfect shots in the golden light. We couldn’t have asked for a more talented and delightful photographer to preserve the memories of our special day.

Thomas Frost Photography

The overall theme of the day

We initially were going to get married inside as it was the end of March and it had been cold – interestingly, the weather on that weekend turned sunny. In the morning, we decided to get married on the balcony and have hay bales so that people could sit and watch as the sun shone on us so there was no need to adjust the seating and we could also have a live feed for our friends and family abroad to watch. We wanted a bit of mixture between Cornwall and Thailand – so we had mixed Cornish spring flowers and orchids.


The wedding feast and accompanying drinks

When it came to planning our wedding feast, my partner and I knew we wanted to incorporate the flavours of two places that were significant to us: Thailand and Cornwall. We wanted our guests to enjoy a unique culinary experience that reflected our love for both of these special places.

To start the festivities off, we decided to serve a selection of canapés that featured both Thai and Cornish influences. Our Cornish Scotch eggs were a hit, as were the chicken satay skewers and lentil bites. We also had a delicious mackerel pate that showcased the fresh seafood of Cornwall. To accompany these tasty bites, our wedding coordinator Caroline served some of the finest Cornish gin and sparkling wine that perfectly complemented the flavours of the canapés.

For the salad course, we went for a roasted beet salad with pickled onion, Cornish blue cheese, and ciabatta, which was a great way to showcase the fresh produce from the region. We also had a fishcake patty and a chop chop salad, which added some Thai flavours to the mix.

When it came to the main course, we wanted to serve something that would satisfy our guests and stay true to our Thai-Cornish theme. We opted for a braised chuck steak with Dijon mash and greens with red wine jus, which showcased the local beef in Cornwall. We also offered a vegetarian option of whole roasted celeriac with the same garnish.

Thomas Frost Photography

For our Thai-inspired main, we went with a classic Chicken Panang Curry served with coconut rice. We knew that many of our guests would appreciate a bit of spice and the flavourful aroma of Thai herbs and spices.

Finally, for dessert, we served a lemongrass crème brûlée with coconut shortbread and lime fruits, which provided a sweet and refreshing finish to the meal. For the evening food, we went with a traditional Beef Rendang with rice and a cheese board, which was a crowd-pleaser.

All in all, our wedding feast was a wonderful reflection of our love for both Cornwall and Thailand. We were so happy to share these flavours with our guests and create a truly unique and memorable culinary experience.


Standout suppliers

When it comes to planning an event or a special occasion, finding the right suppliers can make all the difference. Whether it’s the food, the decorations, or the entertainment, it’s important to choose suppliers who can deliver on their promises and exceed your expectations.

For me, there were two suppliers who really stood out – Rupert from Philleigh Way Cookery School and Sarah from Cornish Cookery.

Rupert was an ex-rugby professional, and we were introduced to him by Caroline. We went round to his house to discuss ideas for our Cornish Thai meal and he was amazing. The food he prepared was of an incredibly high standard, and his Scotch eggs were the talk of the town. The beef and chicken curry he cooked for us were both so good that we had to have them on the menu. The beef was tender and flavoursome, and everything went perfectly. Rupert accommodated for vegetarian meals, which was greatly appreciated. His attention to detail and passion for cooking really shone through, and we couldn’t have been happier with the results.

When it came to the cake, Sarah from Cornish Cookery was equally impressive. We saw her website and Facebook page with amazing examples of her cakes and we knew we had to have her make ours. We visited her at her home, and she was so lovely and kind. We decided on a White Bailey’s chocolate flavour and it was delivered perfectly and was extremely tasty. We were able to have different tiers with different flavours, which was a real treat. Sarah even sent samples beforehand, which was greatly appreciated. The cake was a triumph and was a real highlight of the event.

Overall, finding the right suppliers can really make a difference when it comes to planning an event. Rupert and Sarah really stood out for us. They both went above and beyond to ensure that everything was perfect and their passion for what they do really shone through. We couldn’t have been happier with the results and would highly recommend them both to anyone planning a special occasion.


The Wedding Suit: My Experience with Aristocracy London

As someone who takes their fashion seriously, I knew I needed a suit that would stand out at the wedding I was attending. That’s when I came across Aristocracy London, an online retailer specialising in unique and high-quality suits. After browsing their website and seeing the range of options they had available, I knew I had to check them out in person.

I brought my best women with me and we headed over to their store to try on some suits. From the moment we walked in, I was impressed with the attention to detail and the quality of the suits. We tried on multiple options, but two suits in particular caught my eye – a black suit with subtle pattern details and a white suit with a bolder and more modern design.

In the end, I decided to go with both suits. I knew that they would both make me stand out in their own unique way and I couldn’t resist owning both of these amazing pieces. I was thrilled with my purchase and couldn’t wait to show off my new suits at the wedding.

At the wedding, everyone was blown away by the quality and uniqueness of my suits. I received compliments left and right about how handsome I looked and how great the suits were. I felt confident and stylish, which made the wedding even more enjoyable.

Thomas Frost Photography

Overall, my experience with Aristocracy London was fantastic. They have a great selection of unique and high-quality suits that are perfect for anyone looking to make a statement with their fashion. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a suit for a special occasion or just for everyday wear.

If you’re interested in checking out Aristocracy London for yourself, you can visit their website (details listed below). Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

What did your husband wear?

A Tuxedo from Paul Smith.

What accessories, if any, did you choose?

Matt bought me a Cartier watch, which I wore at the wedding


Unforgettable Moments: Our Favourite Parts of Our Special Day

When asked about our favourite part of our wedding day, it’s difficult to pinpoint just one moment. The entire day was filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories. As a couple, we shared some favourite moments, while others were unique to each of us.

For both of us, the wedding ceremony was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the day. The feeling of having our friends and family gathered together on hay bales, surrounded by the beauty of cherry trees and weeping willows, created an atmosphere that was both intimate and magical. The cherry trees and weeping willows held a special significance, as we gave them as gifts to our friends and family at the end of the day. We also kept two for ourselves to remember the day by.

Another unforgettable moment was the evening music. The band was simply amazing, seamlessly transitioning between performing live music and DJing. They even rehearsed our wedding song, ensuring it would be perfect for our big day. The playlist they created included a mix of classics, crowd-pleasers, and nostalgic tunes from our university days, which had everyone dancing and singing along.

While we both loved the ceremony and the music, one moment that stood out to each of us individually was our first dance. Prior to our wedding, we took same-sex dance classes at Jo’s Dance Emporium in central London (details below). Under Jo’s expert guidance, we learned a breath-taking waltz to Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’. The dance was complete with stunning lifts that left our friends and family in awe.

Thomas Frost Photography

Our guests didn’t expect us to perform a proper dance, so their reactions made the moment even more special. Seeing the joy and surprise on their faces as we glided across the dance floor is something we’ll cherish forever.

In conclusion, our wedding day was a beautiful blend of shared and unique favourite moments. From the enchanting ceremony to the lively music and our dazzling first dance, these memories will stay in our hearts for a lifetime. While our favourite parts of the day may have differed slightly, what we both agree on is that it was a day filled with love and happiness that we’ll never forget.


Top Tips and Advice for a Smooth and Memorable Wedding Journey

Embarking on the exciting journey of planning a wedding can be both exhilarating and daunting. To help you navigate this important milestone, we’ve compiled a list of top tips and advice based on our own experiences that can help guide you towards a smooth and unforgettable wedding.

Budget wisely: Begin by setting a realistic budget for your wedding. Allocate funds to different aspects of the event, such as venue, food, and decor. Conduct thorough research on the costs involved to ensure you stay within your budget without compromising on quality.

Choose the perfect location: Selecting the right venue is crucial. Be clear about your expectations and have a conversation with the venue owner to ensure the location aligns with your vision. Read reviews and seek recommendations from friends and family to make an informed decision.

Plan the menu early: Start discussing food preferences with your guests well in advance. Consider any dietary restrictions or allergies and ensure you cater to the needs of children as well. Early planning will make it easier to finalise the menu with your caterer.

Keep the little ones entertained: Provide goody bags filled with toys and snacks for children attending the wedding. This thoughtful gesture will keep them occupied and happy throughout the event.

Thomas Frost Photography

Utilise wedding planning tools: Online platforms like Zola can help streamline your planning process. With customisable features, Zola allows you to manage RSVPs, create seating arrangements, and coordinate meal preferences with ease.

Communicate with guests effectively: Create a dedicated WhatsApp group or other messaging platform for sharing wedding-related updates and photos with your guests. This not only fosters engagement but also ensures that everyone stays informed.

By following these tips and advice, you can alleviate some of the stress associated with wedding planning and focus on enjoying your special day. Remember that communication, organisation, and early planning are key to a successful and memorable wedding experience.

Thomas Frost Photography

The Meet Cute

In a world full of romantic encounters, our love story is unique and dear to our hearts. It all began at King’s College Hospital, where fate brought us together while pursuing our respective careers. At the time, I was working as a junior doctor in the Accident and Emergency department, while Matt was a radiographer.

Our first meeting occurred during a routine day at work, as we were brought together by a shared patient. I was escorting the patient for a CT scan when our paths crossed at the CT scanner. Little did we know that this chance encounter would be the beginning of a lifelong journey together.


A Christmas Surprise: A Heartwarming Wedding Proposal Story

There’s something magical about the holiday season that brings people closer together and fills the air with love and joy. For us, this enchanting time of year became even more special when Matt decided to propose to me, turning a festive Christmas celebration into an unforgettable moment.

As Christmas approached, Matt meticulously planned the perfect proposal. Knowing how much I cherished Tiffany & Co., Matt chose a beautiful Tiffany cufflink as the symbol of our commitment. Engraved with the words ‘Will you marry me?’, this thoughtful gift was destined to be the centrepiece of the proposal.

Thomas Frost Photography

On the day of the celebration, families gathered for a gift exchange, blissfully unaware of the surprise that awaited them. Amidst the laughter and cheer, Matt found the perfect moment to present me with the proposal gift.

Before the proposal, Matt had taken the time to speak with my father, who was in Thailand, to ask for his blessing. This heartfelt gesture added another layer of meaning to the already emotional moment.

Our Christmas proposal story is a testament to the power of love and the magic of the holiday season. As we reminisce about that unforgettable day, we are reminded of the joy and excitement that filled our hearts, and we look forward to building a life together as a married couple.

Thomas Frost Photographer

All in Charlie’s own words. Please see the link below for Charlie and Matt’s beautiful wedding video!

Charlie and Matt were married at Stennack Farm in March 2022.


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